I started Carl West Music as a solo project to record and publish songs I had been writing for some time. This project came to fruition in the first half of 2011 with the help of friends and fellow musicians, vocalist Amber Hutchings, guitarist Kent Lehman, and percussionist Kevin Lehman. The songs were initially written by me with Amber co-writing the lyrics for Edge of Life and Kent co-writing the lyrics for Fear of it All.

As this album started coming together I often thought of this endeavor as a solo project. However, as the project progressed, I quickly realized how much this 'solo' project was really a group project. Each person involved in the project added to the songs, taking the music well beyond where I had imagined it could go. While Amber, Kent, and Kevin contributed enormously to the music, JP and Tom saw the music as it was, envisioned where it could go, and helped us realize the music's potential.

The title "All Over The Map" describes the range of songs on the album which vary from Menace, an edgy rock tune, to The Storm's classical orchestration, to the dance rhythms of Midnight Flight, and the many genres in between. While not everyone will like every song on this album, there is something here for everyone.